When a person decides to add a deck to their home, they are making a statement and telling everyone that they are serious about their space. The addition of a deck is also a great way to increase your homes overall value. But that’s not the hard part; the hard part is keeping up the maintenance after the decision to get a deck is made. Both the extent and frequency of your decks upkeep depends entirely on your local weather conditions, foot traffic amount, and wood type. The preservation of it is especially important, so that the wood isn’t neglected.


Deck restoration
When the time comes to restore your deck, there are many things to consider. Deck staining is essential when it comes to providing the kind of finish you’ll be proud of, as well as the protection to preserve your wood. Depending on the kind of detail you’re after, staining your deck provides protection from the suns UV rays, as well as mould, mildew, water and more. A properly stained deck can add years to its vitality, and be not just an aesthetic addition to your home, but a preventative one to boot.


Deck cleaning
From time to time, having your deck restored will include upkeep, like having it cleaned. Proper washing equipment is essential, as you don’t want any of the pre-existing stain to be stripped away. Specially designed soaps and chemicals are made for decks. They remove all of the build-up and grime on them, while also cleaning them in the process. Being careful during the restoration process can directly impact the structural integrity of the wood for the better.


Weather impact


Weather conditions can also have a major impact on your decks. Your location can determine the amount of weather conditions it encounters – harsh and otherwise. Summer weather, or course, means more consistent exposure to higher temperatures. Proper preventative measures from sun damage and wood discolouration are always necessary. In winter months, staining gives wooden decks protection from water, so mould and mildew don’t become an issue.


Proper overall care

All in all, it takes time and patience to restore a deck so that it looks brand new. Doing the job right the first time, as well as regular maintenance, is important to the life of the wood. Especially for those that want their homes to be well presented, while also maintaining a high market value.