The hidden cost of DIY Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Gun Marks

Pressure Cleaning Gun Marks

Every single week we receive calls from desperate property owners who have either attempted to remove stains themselves or have hired an inexperienced and poorly equipped cleaning company – producing similar results to the image you see to the left.

This month we look at the unfortunately common occurrence of damage to bluestone tiles from incorrect cleaning technique; adopted by so many of the cowboys out there in the industry. It is all to easy to go to the local Bunning’s or Masters hardware to purchase a pressure cleaner and try and do it yourself but you can realistically make matters worse when you are not experienced.

The bleached look from the water pressure cleaning marks we are frequently called in to repair are becoming common, as unqualified cleaners incorrectly use the wrong equipment, incorrect jet size and poor technique, which was once a cheap job to fix now incurs additional unbudgeted repair costs, which if it was done by an expert would have been fixed correctly the first time.

This Weekend, if you are thinking of going and buying cheap cleaning equipment from the local hardware store, or employing the local handyman who happens to have a pressure cleaner, then make sure they are experienced and know what they are doing. The incidence of water scaring disasters is becoming more prevalent but the good news is after being industry leaders for over 35 years, Stain Eaters have developed proprietary techniques to enable us to restore pavements and other hard surfaces that have been damaged by inexperience and poor technique.

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