Concrete Flooring Wax Removal at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Wax removal before and after

Polished concrete floor cleaning is becoming increasingly in demand and as such the problems associated with such work including different types of wax removal from polished concrete.
The picture to the left highlights a job we did recently for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney to repair and restore their expanse of polished concrete floors after wax statues that were part of an exhibit had melted and left unsightly stains, demonstrating the growing popularity to clean polished concrete for the most professional appearance.In all industries and sectors, from factories to high-traffic areas such as schools and shopping centres it has becomes apparent that the The Stain Eaters are ahead of the game with our proprietary cleaning technologies, expert surface restoration technicians and unique skills that have been developed over our more than 35 years of cleaning and restoration work.

One of the best ways to protect these hard surfaces is with a wax coating but often the contractors who apply these can leave excess residue, causing the floors to become slippery and dangerous.Wax removal from concrete floors is a delicate job so as not to damage and completely remove the entire protective layer our professional technicians were able to lightly buff the surface and treat it with specialised equipment to maintain its high-gloss surface without scarring the concrete.

To clean and restore hard surfaces using a professional contractor is critical as the existing protective coating must be preserved to prolong the integrity, lifespan and clean appearance of any property and is strongly recommended by flooring experts to be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

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