Water features can often be found in commercial property, apartment buildings and residential estates, and are a great feature that can add a lot of value to a property.

However, over time the constant exposure to water and environmental elements causes the tile or stone areas surrounding the water feature to become incredibly dirty or covered in a heavy build up of salt, efflorescence or calcium.

This build up is extremely difficult to effectively clean, and if not dealt with properly will leave a permanent mark on the surface.

When attempting to treat and clean these problem areas, it is important to use the correct cleaning solutions and methods to prevent any damage to the surface being treated.

Some cleaning solutions also need to be properly managed during the application and clean up process to prevent any waste running into drains or contaminating other nearby areas.

This is where an experienced company with properly trained technicians is your perfect choice for getting this done right. This will not only mean you get a great result the first time, but also prevent any accidental mishaps or damage to your valuable property.

There are also a range of protective coating applications that can be used on areas surrounding a water feature to protect them from such problematic build up.

Our team is able to provide you the complete service and can advise on the best courses of action for your needs.

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