Are dirty skylights casting darkness over your work areas?

Many commercial properties with workshop and warehouse areas have large sections of skylights in the roof to let in natural light and reduce the cost of electricity from the use of artificial lighting.

Unfortunately, as these roof areas are usually very flat, with minimal slope, dust and dirt quickly settles on the skylight panels and before long they are heavily blocked by grime build up.

When this happens, the amount of light that can pass through is drastically reduced, and the internal areas of the building become much darker during the day.

This results in more reliance on electrical lights, which in turn increases the electricity bill.

Don’t let grime and mould block out the sunlight, when you can have your skylights cleaned.

Our surface restoration vehicles are specially designed to allow our technicians to perform cleaning of large areas like washing of skylights.

With up to 100 metres of hose on each vehicle, all heavy equipments remains on the ground with only the technician and hose up on the roof area.

This minimises any risk of damage to the roofing as well as greatly reducing operational noise while the work is in progress.

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