While we all continue to do our best to stay safe against the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the current situation and regular restrictions look as though they will be around for at least the next few years.

We all are wanting to have the freedom we are used to and as this virus is proving to be very difficult to control, it is vital that any business or public location where large groups of people gather, perform regular sanitisation cleaning to kill off any potential spread of the virus.

By having in place a strict regime of cleaning and sanitisation, we have the best chance of keeping our communities safe and free from contamination, allowing us to return to normal life.

Our team of Technicians can provide a range of sanitisation cleaning from precautionary cleans to full deep cleaning and decontamination.

The precautionary cleaning service is designed to reduce the risk of virus spread through an appropriate combination of fogging and manual sanitisation.

While a deep clean and decontamination is performed when there are one or more suspected cases in a high-risk location.

This level of COVID-19 cleaning is designed to fully decontaminate the effected area and provides a high degree of assurance that the virus contamination has been removed allowing for safe re-occupation.

The Stain Eaters team can provide an agreement service for on-going treatments which can help to ensure the safety of your property and all those that use it.

Give our team a call for more information.