Without a doubt, one of the toughest stains to deal with is tar and bitumen, particularly when it effects porous surfaces like cement as seen here.

These two substrates are commonly used together in the construction of areas like roads and driveways. where bitumen is the ideal product for sealing large areas and concrete for the use of creating drains and kerbs.

Unfortunately, a common problem in this construction or re-sealing process is that tar from the bitumen can end up on the cement which will quickly make its way deeper into the concrete surface and become what looks like a super dark oil stain.

The tough and sticky compound that tar is soon dries and becomes a stain that cannot be rinsed away or even be removed with pressure cleaning.

However, all is not lost in this situation and with over 40 years experience dealing with many challenging stains like this, The Stain Eaters have developed a treatment and cleaning process that allows our team of Technicians to provide clients with amazing results.

By applying a series of specialist cleaning solutions to the tar stain on the cement and monitoring the dwell time to suit the strength of the tar, the stain can be drawn out of the substrate where it can be washed away using super heated water.

This process can be repeated until the desired result is achieved, which in most cases is a completely stain free surface.

Other important factors that our Technicians recognise when planning such jobs is where the waste water run-off will go and put in place systems to prevent any tar or oil from making its way into storm water drains.

This waste water can be collected by our team and stored in special tanks that are fitted to our purpose built surface restoration vehicles, where it can then be disposed of in accordance to EPA regulations.

So if you have troublesome stains on your property that you would like dealt with professionally, give our team a call to arrange for a quote.

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