Many properties have tiled areas that after years of use they have been left looking dirty and become very difficult to get clean.

In some cases, a sealer product may have been applied to the tiled floor, that is now starting to fail, leaving the area looking patchy and discoloured.

Usually, attempts to clean such areas with hard scrubbing and household cleaning products fails to provide much improvement in the look of the tiles.

If you need to get these areas properly clean, our team has a wide range of specialist cleaning solutions and processes that can be used to treat and clean heavy grime build-up or stains from many hard surfaces like floor tiles.

We can also use our specially designed surface restoration vehicles to perform floor cleaning using super-heated water through specialist cleaning and water recovery units. This process hits grime hard, and quickly extracts it from the tiles where the vacuum recovery system draws it away.

The result is not only a nice clean floor, but one that is hygienically sanitised and free from any contaminates.

This process can be performed in many property areas, from private homes to commercial buildings.

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