Recently we were called out to inspect a site were another contractor had performed pressure cleaning of pathway areas in an attempt to remove grime and chewing gum.

Unfortunately, the work had been performed to a very poor quality and with no regard to the protection of the surface being cleaned.

This left the pavement with major erosion marks from the pressure cleaning, and permanent damage done to the concrete surface.

Not only had damage been caused to the area, but the chewing gum was still present!

So the concrete surface had been worn away around the chewing gum from poor pressure cleaning process, with the removal of the gum having not much effect at all.

As a result, this will now cause issues with advanced mould growth and potential efflorescence formation on the damaged areas.

Pressure cleaning might seem like a simple job that anyone can perform, but this is a good example of what can go wrong if careful consideration isn’t taken before cleaning is performed.

This type of damage is permanent, but it can all be prevented if the correct process is used.

Our team has the training and technology to complete these jobs the correct way, providing the desired result while looking after the surface being cleaned.

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