The use of a sealer on hard surfaces like floors, pathways and stone walls is a good idea and a great way to protect your investment. However, as there is a very wide range of substrate types, it is critical to use the right sealer product for the surface being treated.

It is all too common to see sealer products failing like the one in the example here, because the coating was not suited to the substrate and eventually failed and has started to flake and peel.

In this situation, the treated area needs to have the old coating stripped away to fully remove the failing sealer and leave the area clean.

Depending on the type of coating that has been applied, and the substrate that requires cleaning, this process and cleaning solutions used will vary.

For example, in some cases the use of pressure cleaning with super heated water will effectively strip away the coating. However, if the area is an internal floor, this process may not be suitable.

Through the use of a cleaning solution that can effectively break down the old sealer coating without causing damage to the substrate, the area can be cleaned and failed coating removed.

We have a wide range of specialist cleaning solutions that can be used by our technicians for such treatment applications, and each of our team members are trained in identifying the correct procedure to use.

Once the area has been successfully cleaned, if required, we can then apply a sealer product that is suitable for the substrate to not only provide protection but also avoid the same problem happening again.

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