Sandstone pavers are a beautiful feature stone that is commonly used in back yards and around swimming pools.

However, as this type of stone is very porous, if it isn’t sealed the surface is very vulnerable to stains from many elements like mould, dirt, trees and plants.

The image here shows some sandstone pavers that have been badly stained from berries that fell from trees located next to the paved area.

As these pavers hadn’t been sealed with a quality surface sealer, these stains penetrated quite deep into the surface of the sandstone.

Our specialist cleaning solutions combined with super hot water pressure cleaning was able to remove the majority of the staining. After which we applied a leave on treatment to further fade back any leftover stain shadows.

This problem highlights the importance of sealing your pavers to protect them from such staining and make cleaning quicker and less expensive.

Our technicians can advise on the best sealer for your requirements, so call our customer support team today and discuss how we can help.