The use of natural stone on both internal and outdoor areas at residential and commercial property is very common. As these both look great and feel nice to touch, it’s little wonder that this a popular option.

However, despite their tough nature and rugged finish, over time natural stone will often become discoloured and stained from a range of environmental elements.

Rust stains for example are common on natural stone as many of these have metal elements within the stone that will slowly rust which will eventually lead to large patches of rust coloured stains on the surface of the stone.

External elements can also introduce metals onto the surface of the stone and causes these rust stains. Bore water is a classic example, as there is usually heavy metal deposits in bore water which will adhere to surfaces like natural stone and begin to rust. This leaves a tough, discoloured rust stain on the surface that won’t clean away with regular cleaning solutions.

Efflorescence is another common stain found on natural stone that has been exposed to moisture, and this too builds up from within the stone and making its way slowly to the surface where a white stain will grow on areas of the stone.

Such stains can seemingly be impossible to remove, and we have helped many clients that have given up trying to clean these after numerous failed attempts.

These types of stain on natural stone can be removed, and the look of the stone restored, through the use of specialist cleaning solutions, combined with the right application and treatment process.

This allows our team of technicians to extract such tough stains from deep within natural stone, breaking down the stain and cleaning it away. The result is a stone finish that once again has the original beauty as it did when first installed.

However, we recommend that when this cleaning process has been done it is best to then protect the stone from any future staining with the use of a sealing product that will block out moisture and prevent staining.

We have a range of specialist sealer products that will not only protect natural stone in this way, but also not impact on the look or feel of the stone, so you would never know its there.

Speak with our team to find out more about cleaning and protecting your natural stone areas, and keep your investment looking great.