As it’s name suggests, stainless steel is a very durable metal that can withstand exposure to hash outdoor elements. However, even this surface will stain and corrode over time which can lead to a tough clean up job.

For example this expensive stainless steel BBQ had been left outside on an exposed balcony as there was no undercover area to store it out of the weather.

As a result of this and a lack of use, it had become very rusty and was desperately needed a good clean and facelift to remove the rust and grime.

This process was not only necessary to prevent any long term damage to the BBQ that could result in it becoming unusable, but also to just improve the look and give people the confidence that they wouldn’t need a tetanus shot after eating any food that was cooked on it!

The Stain Eaters team was called in to take care of this clean up job and our technician used a specially formulated cleaning solution and fibre cloth to restore it back to it’s former glory.

After a few hours of the treatment process and some special TLC, the BBQ was again looking like new and the expensive item that it actually is.

The photo here shows the top part of the BBQ after it has been cleaned, and for comparison, the front side is still to be treated where you can see the extent of the rust and grime.

When cleaning surfaces like stainless steel, it is important that the correct cleaning solutions are used to prevent any possible damage to the metal finish.

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of stain types and surfaces, and know just the right treatment to use each time.

Give our customer service team a call when you have difficult stains that need attention.