As experts in all areas of stain removal on hard surfaces, our technicians are required to perform jobs on all kinds of property and in a wide range of locations.

In many of these, without the use of our specially designed and built surface restoration vehicles it simply would not be possible to provide the level of service needed to complete the job satisfactorily.

An example of this is pressure cleaning in locations that either don’t have water or power, sometimes both!

Our vehicles are fitted with a high volume water tank that allows our team to bring water onsite with them, and the pressure cleaning unit is powered by a system built into the vehicle so no onsite electricity is required to perform this work.

In addition to this, each Surface Restoration Vehicle has an onboard boiler unit that can heat water up to 120 degrees which is then used by the pressure cleaning system.

This give our Technicians the ability to tailor the cleaning process to suit the job at hand and use super heated water on really tough jobs and deep stains.

With a wide range of specialist cleaning solutions always on board each vehicle, our team is prepared for any situation each time they visit a job site, which in most cases allows them to complete the job on the first visit.

If you’re faced with a cleaning job in a location without services, give us a call and we can take care of the situation for you in no time.