As the cold winter months draw to an end and the covers start to come off outdoor areas like this pool, you may find that mould and grime has built up during the damp winter conditions.

This dirty build up often leaves a dark stain that has absorbed deep into the substrate, making it difficult to get the area looking clean.

The use of very porous substrates like pavers, cement and natural stone in backyard areas is common, and surfaces can be easily stained by grime like the example here.

With the use of the right cleaning solution and treatment process, these stains can be extracted from such porous materials allowing the surface to be rinsed clean and left looking great.

This is where our team can come to the rescue and perform such stain removal jobs on your outdoor areas.

In addition to this, we recommend the use of a sealer product that is made to protect the specific substrate type, which can not only prevent such stains from occurring, but also make them much easier to keep clean.

So if you find yourself looking at un-sightly stains on your backyard areas, and want them cleaned and protected, give our customer support team a call and our technicians will be able to take care of the process for you.