Like many services in different industries, pressure cleaning has evolved over the years to not only make it more efficient and effective, but to also include the use of some very unique attachments that allow for more targeted cleaning of specific surfaces.

One of these that we use extensively at The Stain Eaters is Spin-Jet Pressure Cleaning.

This process utilises a specially designed attachment where rotary pressure cleaning jets are enclosed in a housing that floats just above the surface being treated. The use of spin-jet pressure cleaning is ideal for large areas as it greatly speeds up the pressure cleaning process, allowing for wide sections of the surface to be cleaned in a single run.

As opposed to regular pressure cleaning with a single jet on a lance, where narrow strips of the surface are targeted, the multi-jet attachment of a spin-jet system quickly passes over and cleans a wide section in one go.

In order for a spin-jet pressure cleaning attachment to work effectively, it is necessary to use an industrial grade, high-pressure water pump. Most electrical or petrol driven pressure cleaning systems simply don’t provide enough pressure for the spin-jet system to work effectively, meaning the surface won’t be properly cleaned.

Some spin-jet systems make up for this lack of pressure by using finer jets, however, these can often easily scare the surface of the substrate due to the needle like stream that fine jets produce.

Our custom designed and built surface restoration vehicles are fitted with industrial strength pressure cleaning pumps, which allow for the use of heavy-duty jets. This means our spin-jet units are delivering a higher flow of water through large nozzles allowing for more effective and efficient cleaning, as well as less risk of damage to the surface being cleaned.

Additionally, our vehicles are fitted with boiler units so we can perform this pressure cleaning work with the use of super-heated water. This makes for an even more effective cleaning process as the hot water quickly blasts through any dirt and grime.

To find out more about our specialist pressure and spin-jet cleaning services, or to arrange for a quote, give our customer service team a call today.