Soft washing is a quick and efficient cleaning process that uses a low pressure application system to apply a specialist cleaning solution which rapidly breaks down things like dirt, grime and mould allowing it to be easily rinsed from the surface.

Compared to pressure cleaning, the soft wash process reduces the risk of damage to surfaces like roofs, timbers structures, architectural mouldings, or any surface being cleaned.

The soft wash cleaning solution is specially blended to meet the requirements of each individual job and is safe and environment friendly.

Using specialist application equipment, our Technicians have the ability to clean high wall locations and large areas quickly without the need for any access equipment.

This not only makes the whole process much quicker, but also more cost effective and in many cases the surface will stay cleaner for longer as the cleaning solution breaks down the surface grime killing off all traces of mould.

The soft washing process can be used for cleaning areas like:

  • Residential and Commercial property
  • Metal, Tile and Terracotta Roofs
  • High wall areas that can’t be reached from the ground
  • Canvas Awning and Shade sails
  • Timber weatherboard, siding and older painted surfaces
  • Modern architectural facades
  • Mould and algae

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