Many of us like our properties to look their best, but some property owners are hesitant to have them pressure cleaned due to the risk of damage to building surfaces or nearby trees and plants.

Soft washing of homes has become a more common option, and compared to pressure cleaning it reduces the risk of damage while still providing a great cleaning result.

We have developed our own special soft wash cleaning solution and equipment which our technicians can use to remove dirt, grime and mould build up safely and efficiently.

As the soft wash process uses a cleaning solution in conjunction with controlled water pressure instead of high strength water blasting, the whole wash down system allows for more surfaces to be treated and cleaned giving a greater cleaning result.

Working from the ground, our technicians can apply the cleaning solution to high external walls without the need of any access equipment. This not only reduces the cost of the job, but means the work can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Also, as there is much less water pressure being used, the risk of water leaking inside of the property is greatly reduced.

To find out more about our soft washing service, give our customer service team a call.