Skylights are fantastic at allowing natural light to enter a dark room, however when they fail to do this through a build-up of weather-caused staining, something needs to be done!

Skylights can get easily covered in moss and dirt giving the room they were meant to be adding light to, a drab feeling instead. The Stain Eaters technicians, using our very own pressurised water system, can remove all dirt and stains and help you restore your sky lights back to 100% clean.

Of course, cleaning skylights can present particular health and safety challenges.  We are fully equipped to deal with this unique environment, and will ensure that our technicians gain safe access to the roof area, and wear appropriate safety equipment including fall arrest harnesses. During the cleaning process, where appropriate our technicians will ensure that downpipes are redirected to avoid waste ending up in storm drains. If required we will use a special cleaning solution to soften the dirt, lichen and moss on the fibreglass. Skylights are cleaned using high pressure water, with all waste water being vacuumed, processed and the water bi-product can be recycled and used on garden beds.

Contact the Stain Eaters to arrange Skylight Cleaning for your premises.