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A clean Skylight can makes a Huge difference and Saves Power Bills!

You often don’t notice over time how dirty things get until you see them clean again!

Skylights get covered in moss and dirt and can really make a room or factory feel dull and drab.

Using specialised pressure cleaning equipment we can remove the moss and restore your skylights back to transmitting 100% of the original natural light.

Our service includes pressure cleaning the gutters and sealing off the down pipes to prevent the dirt entering your rain water tanks.

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your lighting bill!


The Process

  • Safe Access is organised to the roof area. Our Technicians wear fall arrest harnesses while on your roof
  • Your down pipes are rediverted to ensure waste does not end up in storm water drains or water tanks
  • A chemical process can be used if required by our team to soften the dirt, lichen and moss on the fibreglass
  • The sky lights are pressure cleaned using specialised high pressure washing equipment which is fast and efficient
  • Waste water vacuum recovery is utilised to process the water bi product produced so that it can be recycled and used on garden beds

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warehouse skylight cleaning

Our Comprehensive Sky Light Pressure Cleaning Service also includes:

  • Individual stain Identification and expert consultation
  • All local permits for road and footpath closures as required
  • Licensed experienced Technicians
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks

You’re also protected by our qualifications:

The Stain Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee – We Get it Right the First Time

We have more than 40 years of experience with exterior cleaning and we’ll make it simple – and fully compliant. We’ll get it right the first time and help you maintain the value and appearance of your property.