Rust stains on natural stone surfaces can be quite a common problem as many of these substrates can have metals present in them or are quick to absorb any elements that come into contact with the surface.

Over time these metals will corrode and bind deep into the stone surface, resulting in strong rust-coloured stains on the stone.

In the example photo here, you can see very heavy rust stains on sandstone pavers around a swimming pool. As this area is indoors, the stones are constantly exposed to moisture, which has led to very heavy rust stain build up on many areas of the pavers.

Such rust stains cannot be easily cleaned or removed as the metal binds itself into the substrate. Many people mistakenly try and clean rust stains by using a range of chemicals and scrubbing, however this will rarely have any impact on rust stains due to the way the metals and corrosion adhere to the substrate from within.

So, in order to clean the rust-coloured stains from the stone it is necessary to treat and remove the metal and corrosion that is causing the problem.

Our team of Technicians have a range of specialist cleaning solutions that are designed to treat and extract tough metals and rust stains from deep within stone and concrete. This process brakes down the metals and corrosion causing the stain, allowing it to be cleaned away.

Depending on the age and severity of the rust stains and corrosion, this treatment process can take some time to complete as the metals are very strong and require time to be fully broken down and removed.

When such a cleaning process has been done, or in order to prevent it happening in the first place, it is highly recommended to protect natural stone from staining through the use of a specialist sealing product.

The type of sealer to use will depend on the type of stone and its location, but the aim of this process is to prevent moisture from entering into the substrate where it can cause stains from occurring.

Our team can supply and apply a range of specialist sealer products that will not only protect natural stone from stains, but also enhance the look or feel of the stone finish.

For more information on the treatment of rust stains and sealers, give our customer service team a call.