Through the long winter months, many outdoor areas remain damp for weeks at a time. As these areas are often used for entertaining, its common to have things like gas bottles and out door heaters left sitting in one spot.

Unfortunately, the contact point between the metal base of these objects and the cement or tiled floor can trap in moisture and quickly result in a rust stain on the surface of the substrate.

If you’ve ever had this issue at your property, and have tried to scrub these surfaces in an attempt to remove the rust stain, you will know that it’s impossible to make any kind of impact in cleaning these stains.

As the rust contains fragments of metal, these stains soak quite deep into the surface where the metal continues to rust causing the stain to darken further even after the offending object has been moved.

It can seem like there is no hope to ever clean away these stains, however we have developed a rust stain treatment process that can get deep into the rust stain, break it down and draw it out of the substrate where it can be washed away.

This treatment process leaves the effected surface looking great again and most importantly, free of metal fragments that were causing the stain in the first place.

So don’t despair if you find such stains on your out door floor areas, give our team a call and we be on site quickly to deal with the stains.

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