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Not all jobs are the same, some have new or difficult challenges which keep things very interesting. We appreciate being offered these challenges, as finding solutions increases our capabilities, much to the benefit of our clients.

Our new franchise partner Phil Hudson, was asked to restore the roof of the heritage chapel at Loyola College in Watsonia (North East Melbourne). The galvanised iron roof hadn’t received any maintenance for decades. Rust had corroded through the metal, leaving holes which leaked water. Mould and dirt were gathered on the roof, which was also faded and in need of repainting.

The high roof and steep pitch added an extra element of difficulty.

roof restoration

roof restoration

The galvanised roof had many small holes which required repair (first image above) and had thick layers of dirt and mould, particularly underneath the overhanging trees (second image)


A crane was used to access the roof and provide a stable work platform. Specialist cleaning solutions were used to carefully remove the mould, dirt and rust, without causing further abrasion to the roof. The holes were carefully rectified and the whole roof was prepared for painting. This preparation was critical in protecting the surface, especially from the protecting gum trees which were causing the collection of dirt and mould. The paint chosen was selected due to its ability to withstand additional abrasion.

As per our standard process in all roof restoration work, we diverted the rain water tanks to protect the environment.

roof restoration

After: The roof is clean from mould, dirt and rust, has no holes, and has been repainted.


Is your roof looking a little worse for wear? Not only does a dirty roof make your whole building appear untidy, if continually neglected it can lead to rust and internal water damage. If mould is able to enter the inside of your building it can cause respiratory illness.

The Stain Eaters perform stain removal for local government, schools, businesses and organisations throughout Australia. Our approach to stain removal and surface restoration is that each stain and each surface type is unique and must be treated that way. With dedicated processes for rust removal, mould removal and high pressure cleaning, we have no need to resort to abrasive measures which often lead to additional wear further down the line.

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