Many properties have areas that overtime can have heavy build up of things like moss, mould, dirt and grime.

This often occurs in locations that are not easily seen, but still located close to areas that people work in or regularly use.

There can be health risks associated with such heavy build up as spores from such growth can become airborne.

It’s not always an easy job to clean these areas, with factors like access, waste water run-off, and the grime from the surface being splattered over a larger area if pressure cleaning is used.

With over 40 years experience nationally, we have developed specialist cleaning solutions and processes to efficiently clean such areas while ensuring the job is done without causing more mess on surrounding walls and equipment.

Our surface restoration vehicles also have hot water boiler units onboard to allow our technicians to perform cleaning with super-heated water. This process is very effective in not only cleaning the surface, but also killing off mould and moss, which will greatly help the area to stay clean for longer.

When you have areas you need specialist help with cleaning, speak to our team and arrange for a no obligation quote.