remove tyre marks from concrete

Most new warehouses are constructed with a burnished concrete floor finish. This is achieved by using the helicopter trowels extensively on the concrete once it has been poured which brings the moisture to the surface leaving a very smooth shiny finish.

These floors are often great to clean with this finish for dirt and dust, however because of their shiny finish, they can cause forklifts to slip and spin their wheels leaving a rubber tyre mark on the concrete.

Depending on the amount of heat generated in the wheel spin and the weight on the forklift, the rubber deposit left behind can be deep inside the pores of the concrete surface.

Our client, the Rinnai Warehouse Manager, was having an inspection from his overseas parent company in 3 days’ time.  The pressure was on to tidy up his concrete floor so it didn’t look like a race track!

The Stain Eaters were called in to find a solution that could quickly completed, and carried out while the warehouse was still in use.

tyre marks

After an hour of testing, a solution was devised that was able to break down the rubber and buff it off the surface leaving the concrete clean underneath.

Two days later and the floor was clean, the inspection went ahead and the warehouse manager received a pat on the back for maintaining his warehouse in such great condition!

If you’re expecting a visit from upper management, moving out of your current warehouse, or would just like to keep the place looking presentable for customers, take a look at our tyre mark removal page, or make an appointment with the Stain Eaters today!

remove tyre marks from forklift