remove rust from granite tiles

Recently we were called to a lovely Gold Coast seaside property that featured expensive granite floor tiles.

Unfortunately for the owners, many years worth of rust stains (iron oxide) had penetrated the granite sealer, causing them to turn an unsightly orange colour. The owner had tried everything to remove the rust stains from the granite – they even considered replacing them – however the cost to do so was not insignificant!

What to do?

Out of options, the homeowner called our Gold Coast stain removal team. We attended the site and after consultation we devised a custom approach to tackle the problem.

(Did you know – all our Surface Restoration Vehicles come equipped with over 26 different cleaning and stain removal solutions! It is this level of stain removal knowledge – and how to best apply them – that allows The Stain Eaters to remove stains that others can’t)

We devised a two-step process to treat these tough stains.

First, we had to remove the existing sealer. Designed to keep stains out, in this case, it was keeping the stain in!

removing rust from granite

Next, we needed to treat the stains to extract them from the porous granite to the surface, and out of the granite.

Once removed, we had to reseal and protect the granite. Trials were done using both penetrating and topical sealants to find the best approach between gloss, slip rating, stain resistance and enhancing the final look of the tile.

The owner was ecstatic with the results!

Do you have a granite rust stain that just won’t go away? Let us tackle it for you, and enjoy the clean, stylish look of granite! Contact us and get your granite great again!