Property damage and graffiti removal

The headline of this recent news article in the Herald Sun blames the appalling state of a public property – the former Cranbourne swimming pool – on the lack of a tenant.  We imagine that the cost and time required to clean up and repair the property (see more images here of the property damage), would now be a considerable inhibitor to re-letting the premises.

The situation in Cranbourne is a clear demonstration of the need for vigilance in property maintenance – tenant or no tenant – in order to prevent your property from becoming the playground for graffiti vandals, rubbish dumping, squatting and the like.  Allowing just 1 graffiti tag to remain on your property will lead to 2, then 10, then broken windows and other property damage, and in the case of the Cranbourne swimming pool – a former vibrant community hub – an eyesore and a source of significant expense.

It is important to maintain your perimeter security and remove the first instance of graffiti as quickly as possible to let the vandals know it won’t be tolerated.  If those with a propensity to vandalism know they are being watched and may get caught, many won’t run the risk. This type of vandalism takes time to do and is only done when the fear of apprehension isn’t there.

The Stain Eaters can proactively manage properties such as the former Cranbourne swimming pool, keeping them free from stains and graffiti and preventing the escalation of property damage.  We provide exterior building cleaning of both walls, roadways, paving and concrete areas.  Our comprehensive cleaning service includes:

  • Individual stain identification and expert consultation
  • Applying for local permits, footpath closures, and EPA certificates as required
  • Licensed, experienced technicians to carry out the cleaning and remove debris
  • Advice on surface sealing to reduce the impact of future stains and make future cleaning easier
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks

For more information about how we can remove annoying stains from your property – click here.