Many people view pressure cleaning as a simple task that can be performed by anyone.

While to some degree this is true, there are also many potential risks associated with pressure cleaning that are often overlooked and are things we see on a regular basis.

It’s important to understand that the combination of very high water pressure through a fine jet spray action results in an incredible amount of abrasive force on surfaces being cleaned.

As a result, there are many substrates that can be easily and permanently damaged by incorrect pressure cleaning techniques.

Like any technical job, training and experience are required to be able to not only perform the work to professional standards, but also ensure that property is effectively cleaned and the risk of damage reduced.

Another area that many people over look when performing pressure cleaning jobs is the use of a cleaning solution to help breakdown and soften the dirt, grime or stains that are to be cleaned.

By knowing what cleaning solution to use on a specific type of stain and substrate, the amount of pressure cleaning required to complete the cleaning process can be greatly reduced, and in many cases a much better result can be achieved.

The use of super-heated water through pressure cleaning equipment also allows for a reduction in pressure as the heat generated will help to break down grime and stains making them easier to rinse away.

Combining this with the use of a covered spin-jet unit has the ability to generate a lot of steam and heat into deep stains, which helps to quickly break them down and draw the stain out of the substrate.

Our team of trained Technicians have custom built surface restoration vehicles fitted with highly specialised pressure cleaning systems that can be used to perform a wide range of pressure cleaning jobs.

Onboard boiler units allow for super-heated water to be used as required, often in combination with a specialist cleaning solution that targets a specific stain.

If you would like to see your property looking its best and have grime and stains dealt with, give our team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.