urine stain removal

possum urine stain removal

Possums are very common in Australia and can do a lot of damage and really smell when they get up into your roof cavity or in your walls. They also leave urine stains on paving at ground level!

Urine from any animal is acidic and can have an etching effect on some masonry surfaces like bluestone. It can penetrate deep into porous tiles leaving ugly urine stains on the surface. In a lot of cases the stains are not noticeable until a sealer is applied on the surface which can then highlight and expose the stains.

The example shown here is possum urine stains on newly laid porous bluestone pavers. Prior to being laid, the tiles were not pre-sealed so the cleaning task to remove the urine was quite a challenge.

The Stain Eaters solved the problem by using an alkaline chemical solution to neutralise the acidity bringing the pavers back to a neutral pH reading.

A follow up cleaning solution then extracted the urine from deep within the tile to the surface. Once on the surface, pressure cleaning techniques removed the urine stains and thoroughly cleaned the tile.

One happy client who can now have friends over for a BBQ with out the urine jokes being flown around!