Outdoor sports areas like tennis courts and netball courts are a common sight in our community. In Australia, we are lucky to have ample space in our towns and cities where such sporting facilities can be built, and this has seen sport being such a large part of our culture for the last 100 years.

There are even many Australian homes that have room for a private tennis court, allowing the residents to enjoy the game anytime they want.

Over the years, the surface construction of outdoor tennis courts and netball courts has changed. What used to be a bitumen or tar court surface, now see the use of finishes like Plexipave.

This surface not only looks great and can be made in a range of colours to suit the use, it also provides a much more consistent playing surface offering better bounce and spin performance.

It is also better for the player, as Plexipave provides better grip and level ground, reducing the risk of ankle and knee injuries.

However, as these court areas are often out in the open and exposed to the elements, over time they will become dirty allowing things like grime and mould to build up on the surface.

This not only looks terrible but presents a slipping risk to players when using the court.

If such build up is left to sit on the surface for extended periods, it will also stain and discolour the Plexipave finish, leaving a permanent mark.

In order to keep outdoor courts looking great and in good condition, it is recommended to perform an annual pressure clean of the court surface to remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated over the area.

This will prevent any mould from taking hold on the surface, and also keep the performance of the court at its best.

When pressure cleaning any surface, care needs to be taken in order to prevent damage or scaring of the finish. The correct amount of pressure needs to be set for the equipment being used, and the use of a cleaning solution for the treatment of tough stains needs to be taken into consideration as it can help with the removal of heavy build up and stains, further reducing the need for strong water pressure.

In the example photos shown here, our team performed a treatment and cleaning job on a Plexipave tennis court that had many years of grime build up on the surface.

The end result speaks for itself, showing just how much difference a professional clean can make to the court surface.

If you have areas at your property that are covered in grime and stains, give our customer service team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.

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