Bare concrete floors in factories, warehouses and even commercial kitchens are exposed to some very tough conditions and staining.

The un-sealed surface of cement is very porous and will easily stain from even the lightest of spills. This will not only result in a difficult to remove mark on the floor, but can also become a safety hazard, as some stains become slippery when the surface is wet.

Another problem businesses face in this situation is a tough clean up job on these stains when the move out of a leased property as its their responsibility to have this work done as part of the exit agreement.

By having the floor sealed or painted with a suitable coating, you not only prevent any stains from leaving marks on the concrete as spills can easily be wiped off the sealed coating, you can also greatly improve the presentation and atmosphere in the area, particularly in poorly lit spaces by using a colour that helps to reflect available light making the internal area brighter.

There are many types of floor coatings available in today’s market with many being extremely hard wearing. This means that even under heavy traffic from vehicles and forklifts, the coating will not easily break down and wear away.

Anti-slip options are available for many of these coatings which allows for specific areas to have this treatment added while still maintaining the same look and colour as the rest of the floor.

Like any painting or coating job, the preparation is vital to ensure that the coating will last for a long time.

This is what The Stain Eaters team specialises in.

Our team of Technicians are able to provide the complete service from the treatment and cleaning of the bare floor to prepare the surface for sealing, right through to supplying and applying the chosen coating to the floor to provide a top quality, professional finish.

Let our team help take care of your property and call for a no obligation quote.