Many people have, and love their pets, and dogs in particular make a great companion.

Australian homes also commonly have patio and porch areas at the rear which animals love to hang out and often sleep on during the day.

As these areas are part of the rear garden area of homes, over time pets can bring a range of dirt and grime onto these areas which will build up on the surface and even penetrate into the substrate leaving a dirty stained area.

Depending on the type of substrate used, cleaning such build up from these surfaces can require the use of a specialised cleaning solution and pressure cleaning using super hot water.

All our surface restoration vehicles a fitted with hot water boilers to allow our technicians to perform this cleaning process efficiently.

This process breaks down heavy built up stains from such hard surfaces, allowing it to be cleaned and brought back to new condition.

Call us to find out more, or to arrange for an inspection of your out door areas that require cleaning.