Why Oil Stains are not only unsightly but dangerous too!

Oil stain removal

Oil stain removal needs the right approach to avoid damaging the substrate

Remove Oil Stains Fast!

Oil stain removal

Oil stain removal process for hard surfaces

Recently we performed an interesting oil stain removal job where a mechanic had failed to tighten a sump plug. This was disastrous as the vehicle had been driven all the way home from the service centre with oil leaking out of the engine the entire way home…

Driveway coating before and after

Coating your driveway can greatly increase its lifespan

Utilising our proven techniques to clean oil stains from driveways, roads and other masonry surfaces we were able to achieve a fantastic outcome for the client and well within budget.In addition we also provided a new driveway coating to ensure any further stains could not attack the underlying substrate. This had the added benefit of improving the overall look and value of the property and included the safety component of an anti-slip coating to avoid accident and injury.

The key to remember with oil stain removal is to remove oil stains quickly so as to avoid the oil soaking into the substrate and causing further, more permanent damage. The driveway coatings then provide the long-lasting protection that many properties are sorely lacking.

happy client of the stain eaters

Another great result means another happy client!

Hand cleaning stains

Oil stains on your property? We remove stains off any hard surface

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