If you’re a commercial property or residential estate manager, you would have un-doubtably faced many occasions where you have areas that are badly stained or have heavy dirt, grime and mould build up.

You may have also had surfaces that have been painted or had a protective coating applied, that are now badly deteriorated and require stripping and re-coating.

In fact, you most likely have face many of these problems all at the same time!

This is where a company that can take care of all the cleaning, painting or sealing jobs at one time can really help you out.

Our speciality is just that!

We can provide specialist cleaning and stain removal on all types of hard surfaces in order to remove even the deepest and toughest stains.

Old paint and coatings are also no problem for our technicians who can treat and clean these away, and prepare the areas for re-coating or the application of a specialty sealer.

Then we’ll supply and apply these coatings to the required areas, leaving you property looking great.

In the example photo here, we were called in to give the pathway areas a deep clean to remove dirt and grime.

As well as strip and prepare the kerbing and wheel stops, then apply a new coat of highly visible line marking paint.

If you’re faced with multiple cleaning and coating jobs all at once, give our team a call and arrange for a no obligation quote.