Concrete pathways and pavers can be exposed to some extreme conditions. In the case of areas that are in shade and don’t get sun exposure, the build up of mould and grime¬† can become very heavy.

If left un-treated, this can not only make the area slippery and dangerous, but also pose a heath hazard due to the spores from the heavy mould.

We have developed our custom built surface restoration vehicles to allow our technicians to make light work of cleaning such problem areas.

This can be done through the use of pressure cleaning with super heated water, or treatment with a cleaning solution followed by pressure cleaning.

Waste water is also properly dealt with to avoid issues with storm water drains. This can be collected and pumped into nearby garden beds, or disposed of off site.

If your property has an area of heavy mould build up, call our customer hotline and arrange for a no obligation quote.

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