mould removal from cool room

Hospital operating theatres and areas where food items are handled and stored are the most important areas to be kept clean and bacteria-free. If customers become contaminated from food stored or handled on your premises, your business many not be able to recover from the damage to your reputation and legal repercussions.

Most businesses will perform a quick clean of their cool room each week, however it is easy to put-off performing a more thorough inspection. To manage this risk, it is important to schedule regular checks of your cool room to ensure that any mould can be removed before it spreads, and anything which is causing mould to occur can be rectified.

Some tips to reduce the likelihood of mould occurring in your cool room include:

  • Tag each item, stating the date it was first left in the cool room and an expiry date.
  • Perform a quick check at the end of each day and throw away any items which have reached their expiry date. Throwing away food may seem like a waste of money, but it is cheaper than a lawsuit!
  • Many cafes/restaurants will try to use food that is about to expire through creation of a ‘special of the day’ type meal.
  • Ensure each item is properly sealed, no food should be left bare.
  • Avoid putting wood or paper towel/bags inside the cool room. Avoid using wood shelving.
  • Repair all water leaks.
  • Clean any spillage straight away.
  • Ensure the door is properly closed when not in use and that the seals are not leaking air.
  • Check the temperature daily – call an expert immediately if it becomes warmer than normal.
  • Never place rubbish inside the cool room.

For peace of mind, many cool room owners from fast food retailers, cafes, restaurants and butchers will schedule regular cool room cleaning from a professional company. This ensures that the task is regularly completed and allows somebody else to handle the risk.

The Stain Eaters have over 40 years’ experience of professional stain removal and understand the risks that need to be managed when removing mould from a cool room and restoring it to the level of cleanliness that is demanded in such an environment.

Your will receive thorough documentation of the services performed, outlining the risks managed, as well as our quality assurance certification in quality management, OH&S management, environmental management. This documentation is also available to clients through an online portal, providing you with easy access when being audited.

To arrange for mould removal or an inspection of your cool room, contact the Stain Eaters today.