sydney-rocks-stain-removal-photo1We love working on the challenging projects our clients find for us.  At the Copacabana rock shelf in Sydney, the local council had a problem removing spilt paint and graffiti from a rock shelf at sea level, located over a cliff face with a drop of 80 metres.  Vehicle access was non-existent and tides restricted the available hours during which we could work on the site.

Never a team to walk away from a challenge, The Stain Eaters started with a risk assessment with regard to OH&S and Environmental considerations.

  1. Access was solved by organising access at the top of the cliff through a residential rear yard where our surface restoration vehicle could be parked at the closest distance to the site to be cleaned.
  2. Tidal times were calculated for the largest window of opportunity.
  3. Multiple stain removal technicians were on site to co-ordinate the work safely.
  4. 200 metres of hose was lowered down the cliff face to access the rocks below with high pressure water produced by the purpose built Stain Eaters vehicle above.
  5. An environmentally safe cleaning process was used to remove the paint and restore the rock shelf to its natural beauty.

It was a tiring job, and by the time it was completed the Stain Eaters Technicians had clocked up many kilometres by foot on the day.  However, we were privileged to be entrusted to solve the many challenges – environmental as well as technical – that were part of this project.  If you have a stain or graffiti problem you need solved, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  After all, “If you want it OFF, we’ll GET IT OFF!”