We have been looking after the needs of clients across Australia for over 40 years.

With technicians located in Queensland , The Stain Eaters also has experienced team members located in Townsville that can attend to the needs of people in the region.

We are able to look after individuals, local councils, schools, large and small businesses, as well as local communities and property owners.

Our team also specialises in working with Townsville commercial property and facility managers, body corporate managers.

Covering the whole Townsville region, we have territories established in:

Contact our customer support team to discuss our wide range of Townsville services such as forecourt cleaning, chewing gum removal, fire damage restoration, and grease overflow cleaning.



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The Stain Eaters have over 40 years experience nationally, and we have technicians based in Townsville that are able to service all areas.

We provide high quality pressure cleaning services, and our customer built trucks have on board water tanks and boiler units, which allows our technicians to quickly set up and perform pressure washing in any location.

Looking after the needs of clients like schools, body corporates, commercial facilities, and residential, we provide a range of pressure cleaning services on the Gold Coast.

All our work is fully insured, so call us today for a no obligation quote.


Oil stains in car parks or on garage floors not only look un-sightly, but they also present a slip hazard which could cause injury.

Our technicians are trained to treat the oil stains using our 3 step cleaning solution which extracts the oil from the surface, and then pressure clean away the oil using super hot water and vacuum extraction.

We provide oil stain removal to all areas of Townsville.

So put us to the test and contact our friendly team to see how we can clean away those oil stains.

oil stain removal townsville