Fungus, algae and moss can grow and build up on building facade areas and walkways leaving them looking very messy and also being a potential slip hazard.

The spores from these can also cause people health issues if the location is close to where people frequent or work.

An example of a recent cleaning job we performed as shown here is a case of heavy lichen build up on the roof of a commercial building entrance.

This growth was most likely caused by lichen growing on nearby trees, where the spores landed on the roof area and continued to grow.

Lichen can be very tough to clean as it adheres itself very strongly to nearly any surface. It can also leave behind discoloured stains, particularly on painted surfaces.

By treating the Lichen with one of our specialist cleaning solutions, followed by pressure cleaning with super heated water, we were able to remove all traces of the growth.

If you have issues with mould, moss or other fungus growth on your buildings, contact our customer support team to discuss how we can help with your building facade cleaning.