The picture below from an unfortunate home in South Melbourne is regrettably something we see on a regular basis. The incorrect treatment of stains and graffiti can leave ugly shadows and obvious “hiding” of an issue underneath.
Unfortunately leaving a property in this state may also encourage further property damage.

If you have a wall that looks something like this, then we strongly recommend that you act as quickly as possible to have the issue rectified – the longer you wait, the harder it will be to restore the wall to its original condition. Stains left untreated for over three years often cannot be removed, potentially decreasing your property’s value.

Having the experts at The Stain Eaters clean your wall right the first time, will save you money and help you have your property back to its original pristine condition in no time.

Annual cleaning of exterior walls of your property will also help to control harmful mould, improve resistance to pollution, sun, and rain, and can reduce the cost of repairs to your building.