As we move into the colder months where many areas experience long, damp conditions, now is a good time to consider cleaning and sealing areas around your property like driveways, pathways and cement walls.

We have a range of specialist sealer products suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces that not only seal and protect them from moisture, mould and dirt, but also help to bring out their natural colour and enhance the look of the surface.

The use of a sealer on bare, porous surfaces like cement and stone is vital if you want to ensure the substrate will last for a very long time. If moisture is allowed to soak into these materials, over time it will cause the substrate to weaken, which will result in cracks that can split deep through the material and eventually cause it to move and break.

By applying a quality sealer that is correct for the substrate, moisture can be kept out preventing any such risks to the cement or stone.

Prior to the sealer application, it is very important to have the substrate properly cleaned and prepared. This will ensure that the sealer can fully soak into the material and bond with the surface. This not only provides the best sealing and protection of the substrate, but will ensure that the sealer lasts and not fail, which is common when proper surface preparation has not been completed.

Sealer products can usually last between 3 – 10 years, depending on the product, and surface being protected. Therefore, it is recommended to re-apply the sealer in accordance with the products specifications to keep up the protection of the substrate.

Our team can take care of all the cleaning, preparation and application work for you, so give our customer service line a call and arrange for a no obligation quote.