outdoor surface

Most stains we treat occur suddenly and stand out with ease. Paint, oil, and graffiti – these are all easy to spot and act upon.

However, outdoor surfaces such as pavers and timber decking are under threat from a greater force. The sun!

The sun operates by stealth, fading the surface very slowly over time. On a day to day basis you won’t notice anything. Then a year later it suddenly dawns on you. My once new and shiny pavers now look faded and old. The rich colour has been replaced with a faded haziness.

To make matters worse, there are dirt stains which won’t disappear. Sweeping with a broom, scrubbing and washing with a high pressure hose still leaves traces of dirt and grime. The dirt has baked in the sun for too long.

faded deck restoration

Before and After: This faded deck was restored by Greaham of The Stain Eaters Cranbourne

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, paved surfaces and decking are often ignored. However, when visitors come by for a gathering, or you put your property on the market, it’s one of the first areas noticed.

The first step in solving this problem is to perform a deep clean and remove any dirt, salts, and mould. Decking is lightly sanded to clean the surface, remove scratches and bring out the original rich colour. Two coats of decking oil are implemented, the second usually 24-48 hours later.

Pavers require an individual proprietary cleaning solution depending on their material. A new sealer is applied, which with periodic cleaning will retain its colour and cleanliness for at least five years.

It’s not too late to save your paving or decking from fading away this summer. The Stain Eaters have 40+ years’ surface restoration experience. Request a quote or contact us to find out more!