Busy commercial garages and service areas have a large number of vehicles pass through their workshops over the years, which inevitably results in a heavy build up of oil and grease where the mechanical repairs are performed.

In this example, the underfloor service pit had been used for the servicing of trucks, which left the floor and platforms completely covered in a thick coat of oil and grease.

Using our cleaning solution that is specifically formulated for the treatment and extraction of oil and grease from porous substrates, our technicians where able to have this pit area looking spick and span again.

This treatment process when used in conjunction with super-heated water pressure cleaning, breaks down the oil and draws it out of the substrate allowing it to be washed away.

We then collect this waste and dispose of it off site in accordance with EPA regulations.

If you have a workshop that needs heavy duty oil stain removal, speak with out customer service team today.

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