Stains from tyres on bare concrete garage floors like the ones shown in the photo here, are a common site at many properties and can be caused by vehicles of any kind, both brand new and old classics.

These tyre marks are caused by oils from within the warm rubber after the car has been driven and parked on the cement floor. Overtime parking on the same spot, these stains build up within the concrete and become darker. The heat from the tyre then enables the oils to work deep into the cement surface.

The result is a stain that has penetrated deep into the substrate and can be very difficult, if not impossible to remove with regular cleaning processes.

There can be several reasons why you may need to get these properly cleaned and removed. Tenants in rental properties for example, may need to have them treated and cleaned when vacating the property.

Or perhaps you’re putting the home on the market and are wanting to give the best presentation of the property you can.

Another reason may be that you are going to have the floor painted or sealed with an epoxy product, which requires the substrate be contaminate free in order to allow a complete bonding to the surface of the sealer product.

Whatever the reason, these stains can be a challenge to remove.

Fortunately, we have a specialist cleaning solution and treatment process that can effectively remove such stains and leave the cement clean and free from marks and contamination.

Depending on the age and severity of the stains, more than one treatment process may be required. But the end result is usually a nice clean floor.

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