We all like our homes to look nice and clean both inside and out, with many of us spending hours each year cleaning up around the property to keep it looking great.

However, the poor old garage floor is one area that often has the heaviest build up of dirt and stains, and is usually put into the too hard basket and never given any attention.

As our garages see a lot of heavy use from car storage, weekend mechanics, hobby project builders and kids art room, just to name a few, the source of stains that can end up on the cement floor are huge.

All is not lost however, as our team of technicians have a been taking care of cleaning cement floors for over 40 years, and there is rarely a stain that can’t be treated and cleaned with our special treatment process.

With a range of unique cleaning solutions that we have developed over many years, even the heaviest of stains like oil and grease can be broken down and extracted from deep within the porous substrate.

This allows our us to then wash away all traces of the stain leaving you with a fresh, clean cement floor once again.

There are a range of treatment options available, so speak to our customer service team to arrange for a no obligation quote.