The humble garage floor can really be exposed to a lot of marks and stains from car tyres, oils drips and the home handy made making a mess.

If the garage floor is the original, un-treated bare cement, these stains can penetrate deep into the porous substrate leaving a dark stain that is very difficult to remove.

This will not only look bad, but also can mean dirt from these can make its way inside your house as people walk through the garage, across these stains and straight inside.

A great way to prevent such stains and improve the look of your home is to seal the garage floor with a specialist floor coating like the Avista Flake Floor System which you can see in the photos here.

Available in a range of colours, this coating seals the concrete surface and provides a very hard wearing finish. So any spills from things like oil and grease will simply wipe off the surface.

The application process of any such floor coating will require a deep clean of the cement to ensure all contaminates are extracted and removed from the substrate. This also applies to new cement to ensure all fine concrete dust are particles removed from the surface.

Our highly experienced technicians can provide the complete cleaning, preparation and application process of your Avista Floor Coating, and provide you with a great looking garage floor like you see here.

So give our team a call and arrange for a no obligation quote.