Most retail centres, and many commercial buildings, have forecourt areas that visitors and staff use as they enter the property. These areas usually have seating where people can relax while they wait for others, and in many cases, these are adjacent cafes and set up to create eating spaces.

Due to a combination of the heavy foot traffic, exposure to the elements and food being dropped onto the ground, forecourt areas often end up covered in grime and looking very dirty, like the example in the photo here.

It goes without saying, that a poorly cleaned and maintained building facade and forecourt will impact heavily on the businesses that are located at the site and clients that visit.

As the forecourt area becomes increasingly dirty, it will likely result in less people feeling comfortable visiting the site, particularly the forecourt area. If there are cafes that face out to the forecourt, this has the potential to greatly affect their business and customer numbers.

It is recommended that forecourt areas at retail centres and commercial property are given a good pressure clean at least once a year. Regular pressure cleaning of these areas will not only keep the area looking clean, but also reduce the amount of time required to perform the work on each cleaning cycle. This will then likely reduce the cost of each pressure clean.

When deciding to have a forecourt area pressure cleaned, it is important to ensure the use of suitable pedestrian control barriers and access equipment. This will allow the work to be completed efficiently, but more importantly it can be carried out safely.

At The Stain Eaters, we are fully insured, compliance correct, and all our technicians are highly trained in the use of our pressure cleaning equipment so they can perform building forecourt cleaning correctly and set up properly to protect the asset, tenants and public.

We understand that it can be difficult to schedule in this type of work as it may disrupt the businesses and visitors at the site. Our team can work with you to fit into the most suitable time to complete the works and minimise disruptions.

If you would like to find out more about our services, or arrange for a quote, give our customer service team a call.