Factories and warehouses can often hold products and stock that are very flammable.

Over the years there has been many occurrences of internal fires from items that have been stored or produced in such locations.

The construction of these facilities are often steel frame work and roof beams, with brick or cement walls and floors.

In many commercial precincts, these buildings are often grouped together with adjoining walls, so it’s rarely a viable option to knock down the effected space to allow for reconstruction.

This however leaves the property owner and insurance builder with a difficult clean up job that needs to be performed by a specialist company that can not only clear the soot build up, but also neutralise the carbon in the area, and control all waste to look after the environment.

The Stain Eaters has been performing fire damage clean up jobs around Australia for over 40 years, and providing property owners and insurance builders with results that meet all health and safety standards.

Using our range of specialist cleaning solutions, and custom built surface restoration vehicles, our technicians can take care of all aspects of these clean up jobs.

Our team can assist you with any enquires that you may have with such specialist work, so call our support number for help.

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