Large oil spills on roadways can cause multiple problems, other than just looking a real mess.

From a safety aspect, these can be a potential cause of more traffic accidents or even a slip hazard for pedestrians. Then there’s the environmental impact and the risk of oil finding its way into the draining system and eventually into local creeks, rivers or even the ocean.

When these occur, its crucial to act quickly to close off the road way and take steps to stop the oil from spreading and running off into gutters or garden areas. This will help to ensure that no-one is put at potential risk of injury, and protect the drainage systems from contamination.

Once this process has been done, its critical to act quickly to have the area throughly treated and the oil spill cleaned.

Having the cleaning process done properly by professionals that have the systems to effectively treat and remove the oil from the road surface is not only very important, but also that the waste material from things like the cleaning solutions used and pressure cleaning run off, is fully managed, collected and disposed of according to EPA regulations.

At The Stain Eaters, we have developed and custom built specialist surface restoration vehicles that our Technicians use to perform the complete oil spill clean up process.

These vehicles are fitted with pressure cleaning systems and boiler units that allow our team to perform pressure cleaning of surfaces using super heated water. So when dealing with large oil spill clean up jobs, this process along with the use of our unique cleaning solutions specifically designed for treating oil spills will result in effective and efficient removal of the oil.

During this process, all waste water can be vacuum collected and pumped into waste storage tanks fitted to the vehicles, making for a highly efficient job.

We will then dispose of all waste water to EPA regulations, so you will have total peace of mind that the clean up job has been completely taken care of form every aspect.

So when such an emergency spill clean up job arrises, give our team a call straight away and we’ll be on site to take care of the whole process for you.