Victoria has been hit by a lot of extreme weather in the last few months, and most recently Melbourne was covered in thick red dust that blew in from drought-hit farms in the Mallee regions.

All over Melbourne, homes, businesses, driveways, paths, walls, windows and many other surfaces are still covered with the red grime.

This red dust can stain and eat into surfaces and paint work if left to be baked on by the hot sun.

It is important to clean this off all surfaces quickly to ensure no damage or stains are left behind.

Plants should also be rinsed off in order to keep them healthy.

Our surface restoration vehicles are perfectly suited to this type of clean up work.

All our vehicles have on-board water tanks, so we can truck in our own water for the clean up work using pressure cleaning equipment that is truck mounted for super efficiency.

We are water permit approved, and can source our water from regulated locations to use at your property.

In addition to this, we can vacuum collect all waste water, and dispose off site. This is usually put to good use in nature parks where plants desperately need a drink.

With little rain in sight, call our team to arrange for a quote on cleaning up your property.